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nine-tailed-fox asked:
forgive me if im wrong, but doesnt shounen-ai literally translate to boys love? and yaoi is hentai with guys? I looked it up a while ago because anime / manga tags go by that standard :X although most people refer to any romance with boys yaoi,

Yaoi and Boys Love are the same thing, shounen-ai is literally “boys love” but it is used to refer to soft yaoi as Gravitation and Loveless. I use the tags “Yaoi” and “Boys Love” in all the pictures to make them easier to find. “Hentai with guys” is including in Yaoi/BL too, that’s why we use the word “shounen-ai” to refer to the anime/manga without sex scenes.  

It’s kinda confused, I know. XD 

sorry for my english. :~